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We've decided to go the wiki route to make things easily editable, searchable and organizable. I stumbled across PMWiki, which is based on PHP and a non-database file system, in an article on the blog of Treasure Tables and found it to be very easy to use, modify and administer.


This is a Chill Horror RPG campaign site set is the area surrounding San Francisco, California, USA and recently expanded to London, England, UK. We decided to do something different, as our old campaign was set in the Midwest, St. Louis to be exact, where we live. That campaign ended many years ago, as players got bored and White Wolf came out with their World of Darkness setting and interest went in that direction.

NOTE: Surprisingly, with me being the webmaster, I play a PC and am not the actual CM, so this website is kind of geared toward that, as I can only list what I actually know of the world as my PC sees it. It's kind of a different take on the campaign, which will be reflected in the Campaign Logs. This new Campaign started on April 23, 2005, so that's when the logs begin. We also tried to have a different take on S.A.V.E., as we thought the organization gave players too much of an advantage, with knowledge and equipment resources ubundant. We call the new organization "The Crusade", which was just introduced in the 07/16/2005 campaign log. For the most up-to-date information, visit the What's New page.

We utilize the Mayfair version of the rules and playtest the new OWC version that is in development. Please visit the OtherWorld Creations, Inc. website if you're interested in playtesting the new rules.

© Ken Stulce & Shannon Barbaglia, 2005-2008 - Chill ® is a trademark of OtherWorld Creations, Inc.


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